kid-guard: This tool helps in protecting your child from the malaises of internet. When kids access the internet they access unauthorised sites that provide information on sex, drugs and other ills of society. Kid-guard helps parents in keeping track of their kid, as the tool records the keystrokes, whenever the kid is accessing unauthorised information, a mail is sent to the parent. We are working on an additional feature where the parent can even get a SMS at an additional cost. Now parents worldwide can be tension-free and be well informed about their children.

EcardPro: This is a fully customisable tool that helps in creating effective and attractive greeting cards with your own images from the library of images. You can personalise the card with your information that makes it more user friendly. Its quick and easy to work with.

Quizmaster:This is a online quizzing tool with a varied range of options that supports different formats. This tool works for single and multi user versions that allows users to set number of rounds, type of questions and the format. This is a time and skill based activity keeping your mind sharp and fresh.


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